Offer of therapies

Which of the following therapies will be used for the dog will depend on the disease, the behaviour of the dog and also with the help from the dog owner.

Massages help with the blood circulation to enhance the treated part of the body. At the same time, pain producing matters will be pressed out of the tissue.
Depending on the form and tempo, a slow massage will relax the muscles but a faster one will help to activate them.

Passive movements
This kind of treatment will be used in Arthritis and Dysplasia. It helps to make the joints more manoeuvrable. It is also used by older and stiffer dogs.

Manual Therapy
The manual therapy is a special technique in physiotherapy. Stiff joints will be more manoeuvrable with this kind of micromotion.

Heat Therapy
Heat Therapy will be used to relieve pain. Strained muscles relax because of the heat. I use for this treatment the “Hot Roll” or a heated cherrystone cushion.

Cold Therapy
This therapy also helps to reduce pain but can also reduce swelling on joints.

Electro Therapy
Therefore I use a TENS machine. The treatment takes 10-15 minutes and will be used to relieve the pain on joints and also on the column vertebrae.

Magnetic field Therapy
The magnetic field machine which I use sends very fast magnetic impulses to the body cells. This helps the cells to recover faster and reduce pain. It mostly helps broken bones but can also used for all other painful injuries and painful joints.

I use further following techniques:

- Breath Therapy for coughing dogs.

- Lymphatic drainage for swellings, f. e. after operations or injuries.

- Muscles training

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